Lack of shipping hits hard on villagers

Nafinua Island in Star Harbour, Makira Ulawa province. Photo by Frigate Bird Island Lodge, Facbook.
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MEMBER of Makira-Ulawa Provincial Assembly for Ward 14 Solomon Mare says his people are suffering due to lack of shipping service to their area.

Mare said currently small business operating within his ward are without goods, and people in the villages are suffering.

“People cannot rely on local food alone. They also need soap, sugar, rice and other goods as well,” Mare told the Island Sun yesterday.

He calls on ship-owners that currently serve in Makira to include Marubay, Santa Ana and Namuga in their trips

“We have suffered long enough.

“Ships need to come to our area.

“Village canteens are now empty of cargo.

“Those who need to travel back to Honiara, especially students, are still stranded in the village although the academic year has started.

“Many cargoes and passengers are also stuck in town because of this problem.”

Mare said now that covid restrictions have been lifted, ship owners should now reschedule their trips to the province.

“I do not want to see my people continue suffer due to lack of transport to and from Makira.”