Japanese Ambassador pays visit to Arnon Atomea School



ARNON Atomea Provincial Secondary School on Malaita was graced with the visit of Japan’s Ambassador to the Solomon Islands, Miwa Yoshiaki last Thursday.

The visit was purposely to hand over a Japanese funded classroom building to the St John Dala Primary School where he also met and discussed areas of cooperation with the head of Arnon Atomea PSS.

Speaking during his visit Mr Yoshiaki highlighted Japan’s commitment and cooperation with the government of Solomon Islands in the field of education.

Ambasador of Japan to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki delivering his remark at Malu’u – Anorn Atomea PSS.

He said apart from education, there are different areas like infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries and many other fields.

The Ambassador said he is pleased to visit Malaita province, particularly Arnon Atomea PSS to have this conversation with the school and see where they can go.

On the same note, he emphasized the importance of education and what it means to the people and government of Japan.

A traditional dancing group leading the delegation during their visit to Arnon Adomea PSS at Malu’u provincial subcentre this week.

He said the modernization and industrialization of Japan started in the mid-19th century. And during that time the only resource Japan had was its people.

“That is why education is important to us to educate our people to grow the industries, economy, society, academic and development of Japan.

“And my encouragement to students is to study hard, read more books that will set a good basis for further studies,” Yoshiaki said.

His Excellency, Miwa Yoshiaki and Premier Daniel Suidani are presented with shell money gifts from members of Arnon Atomea School during their visit to the school on Thursday last week.

Premier Daniel Suidani thanked the Ambassador for visiting and discussing with them on some potential areas of cooperation.

He said Malaita Provincial Government owns the school and it has served the education needs of people within the region together with other Community High Schools.’

“Your visit is an opportunity to see where we can cooperate and develop to improve the education sector in the province and build the human resources of the country.  

Premier Suidani and H.E Yoshiaki with members of MARA government executive during their visit to Arnon Atomea PSS last week.

School Principal of Arnon Atomea PSS, Henry Bare also thanked His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki for the visit and discussions and they look forward for more cooperation with his office.

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