Japan to fund classroom building for Mala school

Group photo after the signing of the project
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JAPAN will fund a new classroom building for Dala South Primary School in Malaita worth $516,000.

Agreement for the funding was sealed in Honiara yesterday.

Japanese Ambassador Yasuhiro Morimoto said his country is pleased to support this vital school project.

“This project is expected to improve the learning environment at Dala South Primary School,” Morimoto said.

“And the students will no longer experience attending in the makeshift classrooms made of local bush materials,” he added.

“We believe this project will have positive impacts on the development of human resources in Solomon Islands and strengthen further cordial relationship between our two countries.

“I would like to congratulate you on the official approval and it is a great honour to contribute to the development of this project.

“We would also like to emphasize that this is just the beginning for you to start implementing this project properly and we do expect strong community commitment to the success of the project.

“And, we hope it will reach its successful completion in the near future.”

Francis Loboi, the school’s project manager, signed the funding agreement on behalf of St John Dala South Primary school.

He thanked Japan for seeing it fit to fund their project.

“Never in our history have we ever received such funding from donors or from the national government,” Loboi said.

“This classroom building will provide a conducive learning environment to all our learners,” he added.

“It will also set a legacy from the government and people of Japan to the people of Dala South and nearby areas.”