Investigations into female officer alleged arson case ongoing


POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says that the Professional Standard Internal Investigation into allegations against a female officer for taking part in a recent arson incident is still ongoing.

He said once the PSII completes their investigations further action will be taken from there.

It was alleged that a female police officer working at the Crime portfolio of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force at the Rove Police Headquarters was involved in the recent arson incident at Tetupa village, North East Guadalcanal.

The allegations were that the female officer provided beers for the nine boys, who caused the incident at Tetupa village.

This is in relation to the arson and looting incident that occurred on March 8 this year where some drunkard men from Tau village armed with bush-knives and axe, went inside Tetupa village, threatening and chasing the villagers and as result burnt some houses causing damages to properties.

Mangau said no further arrests have been made so far after police arrested one male suspect and police are calling on communities in the surrounding villages to support police in their investigation.

Police said some five houses and two semi-permanent kitchens were burned down and the group of nine men also caused damages to a vehicle, water pump, water supplies and church furniture,  with 070 chainsaws removed during that time of burning and looting in that village.

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