Husband to pay fine for assaulting wife

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ASSISTANT Police Commissioner National Operations, Evelyn Thugea has encouraged women who face abuse and violence from their partners to report them to police.

Ms Thugea said women and girls facing violence and abuse must report such issues and must also have clear understanding of the role of police during the course of investigation.

“What the police are doing is important to save lives, many victims are reluctant to report,” Thugea said.

She made the comment yesterday following a recent case in Kirakira where a husband was fined $600 for assaulting his wife.

The husband is a 27-year-old man and was charged for the incident that occurred in 2020.

Police alleged that on December 2020 between 2pm and 2:30pm, the husband due to some disagreements grabbed his wife and knocked her down to the ground.

While the wife was still on the ground, he took a piece of timber and struck it on his partner’s back. The wife received bruises as a result of that assault.

Thugea thanked officers involved in the investigation for their tireless effort to get the suspect before the court.

She said police investigation sometimes is not easy as the victim and relatives occasionally pressure investigators for early withdrawal of such matters.