HP beer theft case in court

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TWO former male employees of the Heritage Park Hotel are facing court for allegedly stealing alcohol to the total of $8,020.

The two had entered a not-guilty plea and their appearance yesterday was for pre-trial conference to be conducted on their case.

However, due to some documents yet to be sorted the PTC was moved to June 15.

The alleged incident occurred on January 29, 2021.

Allegations said on January 29 an on-duty waitress at the Heritage Park Hotel was serving customers at the bar, and while she was doing her duty another employee came to her and told her that some SolBrew drinks in the freezer was empty with their lids still attached.

The other employee noticed that some cans were also empty when she was serving customers.

The two female employees then did a proper check and discovered that 54 cans of SolBrew left in the freezer were empty.

It was at that time the matter was reported to their superiors and an internal investigation was conducted and the two accused were identified.

Police then were alerted and the two accused were arrested regarding the incident.

Police also alleged that CCTV footage also revealed the two accused refilling empty cans with water and placing them back in the freezer.