Malaysian consul Ging Hii.
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Hits out at Opposition leader


DIRECTOR of Metropolis Pacific Pte Ltd, Ging Hii has denied the allegations made against him by Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale over purported sacking of a tax investigator and his alleged connection to the e-Passport.

Wale claimed the tax investigator has recovered $110 million of the $130 million recovered as a result of tax audit and investigations on Hii, the Malaysian honorary consul and owner of MEGA logging company.

He also claimed Hii is also associated with Mamara Developments and the company contracted by Prime Minister Sogavare to provide ePassports to Solomon Islands for USD20 million.

However, Hii said Wale’s claims that the firing of a tax investigator in the Inland Revenue Division was on his instruction was not true.

“I strongly refute this claim, and cannot comprehend where Wale has gotten any basis for this claim,” Hii said.

“As far I know, neither my companies nor personal matters are under any tax investigation,” he added.

Hii said perhaps Wale is referring to the due diligence checks recently conducted upon the development happening in Mamara.

He said this project has been subject to a due diligence check by Central Bank of Solomon Islands, environment impact investigation, and vetting of drafts, plans, documents and contracts – “all of which I welcome to ensure that the development progresses to successful completion and we can provide facilities to boost the industries and tourism of Solomon Islands”.

“I suggest Wale to get his facts right before throwing around accusations in the newspaper, lest he misleads the public, creates undue negativity and scares off potential investors,” he said.

In addition, Wale has also wrongly attributed the introduction of e-Passports into Solomon Islands as Hii’s doing.

“Records will show that I had no interests, personal or professional, in this.

“In fact, the Malaysian businessman who was behind this project five or six years ago has now left Solomon Islands,” he said.

“I am surprised at Wale’s erroneous accusations, as he was on very friendly terms with this businessman and they were often seen enjoying wine together.

“I am considering legal action against these libellous claims, and again I urge Wale to refrain from unfounded allegations,” he said.

“It is wrong and dangerous to inflate, deceive or completely fabricate issues and use public sentiment to sabotage myself, undermine the government, and manoeuvre himself to a position for political or personal gain,” he added.