Health workers asked to get vaccinated

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DEPUTY Chair to Oversight Committee Dr Jimmie Rodger has called on health workers to come forward and be vaccinated to protect others and protecting themselves.

Rodgers made this call yesterday during the covid-19 radio talkback show.

“I plea to all Health workers in Honiara to come in and get your jab. The biggest thing is that many of our front-line health professional are not coming in and so we cannot protect this country if those of us that supposed to lead the way and suppose to protect others are not protecting ourselves,” said Rodgers.                   

He adds, due to a small number of front-line workers from front line ministries turning up to receive the vaccine, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has directed the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Public Services to send an urgent secular for public servants that all of them will go for vaccination and starting off with the front-line ministries.

“He has specifically mentioned that the Ministry of Health, National Referral Hospital, the Honiara City Council, Guadalcanal province team that assist in Honiara area those must actually come in and be vaccinated by  Wednesday 31st,” said Rodgers.

He stressed that some of country’s high-profile leaders are spreading false information saying the vaccine is not approved by World Health Organisation.

“I want to clarify that there is a rumour going out on face that says the vaccine we use has not been approved by WHO.

“That vaccine AstraZeneca has been approved by WHO in February and more than 50 countries are rolling it out and it is responsible for stopping transmission in many of this country.”

“And so, it very important for us to not spread rumors and people let us look at what the scientific information is.”