HCC’s deadline lapses,illegal markets continue


The deadline to shut-down illegal markets in the city yesterday January 31 has passed but illegal markets still go about their normal business especially.

Honiara City Council (HCC) on January 24 issued a final notice for vendors to move out from Fishing Village Market and other illegal markets like Maromaro and White River 01 bus stop market.

In a statement last week City Mayor Eddie Siapu warned vendors in illegal markets that they had until January 31 to move out.

Following this deadline, Mayor Siapu added that the HCC will move in and demolish these markets.

Following the deadline yesterdayIsland Sun contacted City Mayor Siapu and he said they have decided to dialogue with vendors to close the markets via peaceful means, not to cause any disagreements with vendors and owners of the sites.

Siapu said Acting Deputy City Clerk Vincent Kohata had led a team from HCC to initiate dialogue with the vendors and market owners.

Siapu added that HCC held its first meeting with vendors and owners of the sites on Monday, January 30.

“HCC resorted to dialogue with vendors and owners of these illegal markets, they have asked for us to dialogue with them.

“HCC has decided to resolve and close these markets in peaceful means not to cause or spark any unnecessary disagreements.  

“I want to make things in an orderly way that we will discuss between us and come up with a common understanding.

“From our meeting on Monday 30th January 2023, they are happy and agree. But we will wait until 6th of February we will meet again and commences further discussion.”

Meanwhile, Siapu adds they will also issue a public statement to inform public about the issue.

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