HCC catches buses with fake signs

HONIARA City Council Law Enforcement Officers have impounded more than ten public buses who were using fake bus signs yesterday.

During a checkup organised by the officers, it was revealed that those buses used signs which did not have the original HCC watermark logo at the background, and are believed to have been made by someone else.

“We have caught these buses because if you compare the fake signs with the original, it would be clear to see that the fake signs have no HCC watermark logo at the background.

“Also the fake signs use plastic board whilst the originals use light copper plates and are printed at Access Plus,” a Law enforcement officer said.

It has been agreed that all bus signs are printed at Access Plus, after which a business licence can be issued to bus owners.

The Law Enforcement Division states that those caught will be dealt with through the Legal office and will be charged accordingly and their business license will be cancelled.

Following the incident, a call is issued to all bus owners to comply with the HCC rules and regulations.

“We urged all bus owners to comply to do things through the normal process instead of finding any short cuts.

“We need your corporation to move things forward in our City to better serve the City Populace, so to avoid any further charges, please do comply.”

The operation to crack down such illegal activity will still continue.


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