Harnessing Solomon Islands’ digital potential for development

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The UN Development Programme in Solomon Islands, in cooperation with the Office of Prime Minister (OPM), is conducting the Digital Readiness Assessment, which will assess the digital capacities of the country and will serve as a baseline survey for any investment towards the digital transformation.

Leading digital experts from UNDP, the Ministry of Aviation and Communication, the ICT Unit of The Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT), officials from all Ministries gathered to assess the country’s digital capacities and discuss how to harness its digital potential for sustainable development. 

Given the priorities for the National Development Strategy, the Digital Readiness Assessment provides rapid, high-level insights into a country’s digital strengths and areas for improvement.

It is also intended to offer “entry points” for the digital transformation initiatives going forward.

participants of the dialogue. Photo credit: UNDP/ Anastasiia Tiurmenko. 

Speaking at the opening of the event, Dr Derek Mane the Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands said, “The new commitments made today strengthen our joint ambitions for a human-centered approach to digitalization in Solomon Islands.

This Digital Readiness Assessment play a decisive role as an accelerator of the digital transition.”

“We are very grateful to UNDP for their continuous support in accelerating the digital capacities of Solomon Islands. Our aim is that every Solomon Islanders has access to the internet, which recently became a necessity to maintain workflow and communicate.”

Ultimately, “digital transformation is about people”, Dr Derek Mane said, noting the importance of increasing equal access to digital means for each community in Solomon Islands.

Echoing the same sentiments, Vardon Hoca, UNDP Project Manager emphasized this process does imply knowledge and skills of international and national experts, “Without a doubt, this is a lot to accomplish.

Fortunately, we have a lot to build on. Given our mandate and expertise, UNDP is uniquely positioned to offer the Government a comprehensive approach to digital issues.” 

He also stressed the importance of further cooperation.

He added: “We will continue to work with the Government of Solomon Islands to identify areas in digital transformation where more investment is needed so that all Solomon Islanders can benefit from digital services and innovations.”

With the 2030 Agenda as a guiding thread, UNDP aims to harness technology’s transformative power and ensure the best possible digital future for all.

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