Grereo festival starts

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THE 2021 Grereo festival and Isabel Second Appointed Day Celebration for Isabelians residing in Honiara was officially opened yesterday with the aim to re-ignite cultural and religious values.

The event was held at Town ground with the theme “Bridging our Diversity through Unity, Culture and Behaviour.”

Speaking at the official opening of the occasion, Guest of Honour and Deputy Premier of the Isabel Provincial Government Tony Vahia said the Grereo festival is becoming a recognised event and quite an accomplishment.

Tonia Vahia , guest of honour to Grereo festival

“Grereo is becoming a very recognised event, which is an achievement. I thank the Isabel Provincial Youth Forum in organising this festival

Organising this event, not only displays your personality as humble citizens of our beloved Isabel, but a reflection of determination and courage to make this day (and event) successful and enjoyable,” Vahia said.

Japuana ward with Deputy Premier to Isabel Provincial Tony Vahia

He said in the last 37 years governing a province, not to mention the country is no easy task.

Nonetheless, I must acknowledge all individuals (past and present), our National Government, government agencies and other stakeholders who have made unimaginable sacrifices (and that of their families to serve our people and province. I’m indeed indebted to you all,” Vahia said. 

Havulei dancers escorting the Guest of honour deputy Premier to Isabel Provincial Tony Vahia

Karl Saliga on behalf of the organising committee (the IPYF) said grereo festival is an excellent platform where youths are gathered to celebrate the Isabel Second Appointed day and to re-ignite cultural and religious values.

Kaloka dancers entertaining the crowd

“Grereo is an excellent example of that concept, where youths come together to celebrate our provincial day, re-ignite our cultural and religious values and educate ourselves on how to move our province forward, ”Saliga said.

The event will run for five days and will conclude on Sunday with a thanksgiving prayer.