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DCGA dismisses reports of split

THE coalition of political parties that formed the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) remains solid and united.

The DCGA issued the statement following a fake news that claims 28 Members of Parliament from the government are deserting DCGA.

The government statement says the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is unshakeable and will not deter in its effort to steer the country clear from the COVID- 19 pandemic and ensuring the economy is sustained throughout this difficult time.

“The DCGA will not allow a handful of people with ulterior motives to undermine its effort to serve the people,” the statement added.

The DCGA statement says DCGA is committed to implement its redirection policies, which premised on two important objectives; to contain and eliminate COVID- 19 in a controlled environment and to stimulate the economy to ensure it remains afloat.

The statement further adds that to date, Solomon Islands is one of the few countries in the world that effectively contained the pandemic from spreading into the communities.

“This feat is credited to government’s effective policy direction and implementation,” the statement said.

“The same is said of the economy.

“While the extent of the effectiveness of the stimulus package is still to be determined through an on- going evaluation survey, early indicators revealed that the production of timber, copra, cocoa and other commodities picks up significantly after the rollout of stimulus package.

“Business houses who benefit from the rental scheme under the stimulus package have remained in business as well and continue support the economy.

“The positive impact of the stimulus package is expected to be fully felt across the economy once all the approved projects are funded and in full operation.

“DCGA remains committed to prioritise and implement its policies all in the interest of serving the people and the economy and will not deter in this endeavour.

“DCGA sees the circulation of rumours in the print media as a trend that thrives every time parliament is about to convene its meeting and police are continuing to investigate the alleged threats of violence being perpetrated by certain individuals with self-serving agendas designed to cause political instability and provoke social disharmony.

“In the previous years the so- called veteran journalist Alfred Sasako also made similar outrageous and exaggerated news. 

“History has it that it was Sasako who propagated a story saying that a government delegation that went to Indonesia returned home with envelopes of money each.

“It was Sasako as well who, at one time, claimed that the Prime Minister has appointed former long serving police officer Walter Kola as the new Police Commissioner.

“It is, therefore, not a coincidence to find Sasako playing his harp again at this time of the year.

“DCGA believes Sasako is trumpeting the views of a handful of people with self-serving agenda’s looking for opportunities to cause political instability and social disharmony.

“Government will not be deterred to implement its policy objectives and expects like- minded Solomon Islanders to remain steadfast and focused on contributing to nation- building.

“The DCGA also made a reminder that the strength of the government can be contested only on the floor parliament, any other avenue will be deemed as illegal and undemocratic.

“The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet also confirms that to date no petition has been received.”