Gov’t urged to address school fee issue

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A teacher at Su’u National Secondary School in Malaita province calls on the national government to look at alternatives under the Emergency Act and address the issue of school fees this year.

Richard Wane made the suggestion in support of a recent call by the Leader of the Independent Group, John Kuku for free-fee education for the remaining semester of the year.

Wane said the current situation is affecting everyone financially and puts fee payers in a difficult situation.

He said many people had lost their jobs due to the situation and with the economy down, money is difficult to earn.

“As a teacher, I know many students will not make it to Su’u for the next semester due to school fee issue.  

“The current situation is causing difficulties to fee payers so the national government should take urgent action to support schools by way of addressing school fees.

“In fact, the government should look into the emergency act and take in hand the school fee issue.”

Schools are expected to start the 2022 academic year at the end of this month.