Gov’t, Allied Forces urged to deal with bombs here

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OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale calls on the government to review its WWII wrecks law and to step up protection levels against the risks posed by unexploded bombs to civilians.    

The call was made in light of the recent incident in Honiara where a WWII bomb was ignited during a social gathering, killing two persons and injuring others. 

The Opposition Leader points out that this is truly a regrettable incident but one that must now serve as a reminder that the long neglect in adequately addressing the threat has just brought the problem right to our door steps.

“It is incumbent on the government therefore to raise the concern with Japan and governments of the allied forces to develop a comprehensive plan to remove all unexploded bombs from all affected areas in the country,” Wale said.

“Our own bomb disposal experts need to be properly equipped and resourced, and a thorough mapping exercise should now be carried out to pin point hot spot areas, while at the same time, to talk about how best the threats can be minimised,” he added.

He said the recent incident confirms there is no line or proper database as to where the threats exist and so it is important that the government takes steps now.

“I also call on the government to explore the possibility of applying a Coroners inquiry if this option can be used in such circumstances.

“We are dealing with an unknown situation where the deaths occurred from the actions of foreign states and so proper post-mortem and recommendations from a professional authority must be sought if we are to properly address ensuing issues.

“The incidents are not isolated and so should not be taken lightly by the government,” Wale further added.

The Opposition Leader meanwhile expresses his sincere and deepest condolences to the immediate families of both men who lost their lives in the tragic incident.