Government launches new system to record work attendance.

PS of the Ministry of Public Service, Mr Nego Sisiolo
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THE Ministry of Public Services launched its Electronic Attendance Management System (EAMS) aimed at saving cost and efficiently manage time wastage within the Public Service.

The launch event was held yesterday at the office of the Ministry of Public Services in Honiara.

Permanent Secretary for MPS Nego Sisiolo said this new Electronic Attendance Management System will replace the old AMP system, which has a manual attendance registry, which had to be filled by individual staff of MPS weekly during working days.

“With this new system staff will automatically signed in with their thumb or OD cards and this would automatically records them in the system,” Sisiolo said.

“This will certainly save cost and efficiently manage of the time wastage with in the Public Services,” he added.

Sisiolo said this system is also part of the Public Service commitment to the broader goal of achieving and sustaining productive, healthy, efficient and high performing public service.

He adds it is also found that installation of  CCTV is essentially important to complement the automatic registration management system in order for the Attendance Management Policy to be effectively implemented across the public services.  

“I believe to some extent this project will also support the overall implementation of performance Management Policy and Attendance Management Policy more efficiently and effectively,” he said.

Sisiolo says the successful implementation of this Electronic Attendance Management System in the Ministry of Public Service will pave the way of rolling this system to other government ministries.

Andrew Elbon, Councillor for Governance, DFAT, congratulated the Ministry of Public Service for finally getting the Electronic Attendance Management System installed.