Galo calls for electoral review

South Choiseul Member of Parliament, Sammy Qalo
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NEW Member of Parliament for South Choiseul, Sammy Galo is calling for review in the Electoral Act to address any gaps that may delay re-election of any member in a by election.

This was after South Choiseul constituency was without a member for one year six months after his father and former MP, Robertson Galokale lost in a petition case.

Speaking at the special adjournment motion in Parliament on Monday, Galo, who took his oath on the same day, said South Choisuel was without a voice in Parliament for over a year.

“We are without a constitutional representative and has been denied a political participation in this national arena,” he told parliament.

“This is a very sad chapter in the political history of South Choiseul,” Galo added.

“I believe that no constituency should ever gone through the experience that South Choiseul has faced by being deprived of one year and six months for not receiving the benefits where other constituencies received at the time,” he added.

Galo beat his runner up Tozen Leokana by just one vote – 1671 to 1670.

He represents 33 percent of the total votes that were casted on the by election.

Galo is the sixth member of South Choiseul to be elected into Parliament since 1978.

He said he is looking forward to fulfil his constitutional duty for South Choiseul.

Galo is currently the member of the current government.