Frigate Island on path to being tourist haven


THE white sandy island of Nafinua, also known as Frigate Island, outside of Namuga, Star Harbour of East Makira, is on its way to becoming a tourism haven.

A MOU was signed on Monday, November 7 between Ministry of Culture and Tourism, investors and landowners of East Makira for the development of the island into a resort.

An advocator for tourism in Star Harbor, Alfred Murray, who is also the owner of Star Beach resort at Namuga, said the MOU is historic for tourism in Makira-Ulawa province.

He said Makira-Ulawa unlike other provinces is far behind in the industry and the MOU sets a basis for development of tourism in the province.

Murray said during the ceremony last week, landowners and people learnt from national government and investors on the cooperation they will sow for the development.

He said there were also traditional dances and other activities performed to mark the historic event.

Murray, who played vital role in negotiating the development, said this is the beginning and they are eager to see the development extend to other parts of the province.

He said Makira Ulawa province has some breath-taking natural beauties worth exploring and tourism would be a blooming development for the province, if government prioritises it.

“This is the beginning and we would like government to step-up infrastructure development in the province to support the thrive of the industry in the province.

“Also, resource owners in MUP to work together and allow their resources for tourism and other developments that support the industry,” Murray said.

He said after the MOU, construction continued from initial work carried-out on number of bungalows on the island that hindered by the pandemic early this year.

Murray said work on the resort will soon complete and ready for operation.

He thanked national government and investors where most of them from Australia for support and efforts rendered for the development of Nafinua Island into a tourism destiny.

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