Fisheries ordinance for Guadalcanal province

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A Fisheries Ordinance is being drafted for Guadalcanal Province which is expected to give way to increased activity in fishery/aquaculture undertakings in the province.

Guadalcanal Province Premier Francis Sade echoed this during the recent Guadalcanal Day Anniversary celebration at Marau in east Guadalcanal.

“Fishery is another major industry with potential for Guadalcanal province but one that is yet to be harnessed. Consequently, a Fisheries Ordinance is being drafted and we expect that this will give way to increased activity in fishery/aquaculture undertakings in the province,” Premier Sade said.

In areas of fisheries development, the premier said the Province is proud to host some of the major national fisheries development projects like the Aruligo national tilapia hatchery and Marau sea cucumber hatchery.

“The Guadalcanal Provincial Government will continue to support the national government to lead this country in areas of aquaculture development especially on the development of tilapia fish farming,” he said.

The premier said this year the fisheries division of the province conducted a provincial wide tilapia feasibility assessment.

“This is important to set out our policy priority to develop aquaculture and infrastructure to support small holder commercial fish farming and other potential aquaculture candidate species in the province.

“I wish to thank the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources through Makem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries (MSSIF) program of the New Zealand Government for supporting Guadalcanal through the provincial fisheries division,” Premier Sade said.