Fish prices bad as the weather

Fish prices up due to bad weather as customers hurry for fish at the White river fish market while the fish price continues to increase due to bad weather yesterday. Photo Pagepitu Alfred
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CUSTOMERS will have to dig deeper into their pockets for fish as the bad weather continues.

Fishermen are saying they are spending more and risking their lives trying to get fish to sell in the current heavy rains and rough seas.

Stevenson, a young fisherman from White River (fish market) said, “During these months, fishermen catch less fish as compared to past months as the bad weather affects many fishermen.

“Fish prices are now rocket as we predict that the highest level of fish price this week will reach $100 dollars and $20 pound price for 1 kg, compared to normal days.

“The prices could be up to $50 to $100. Usually the prices go upwards last week before the bad weather affects our country.

“But other fishermen went out to sea over the weekend, so supply should be a little bit normal again but our fish price will remain the same.”

Another fishman, who declined to be named, said fish supply is being impacted by bad weather this week.

“It all depends on the weather. Last week, the sea was rough and continued until this week. But usually the price hike is only temporary,” he said.

He said that the reef fish price now is around $20 per kg, compared to the usual days when weather was normal.

“If the heavy rains continue a week more, some of us will continue to increase the prices of fish.

“Many fishermen are fearful over the continued heavy rainfall and tropical cyclone warning because this is the only source of income to earn money out of fish so we are concerned about how many will manage to survive during the coming weeks.”