Fish flows in Gizo

Heaps of different varieties of reef fish sold at $2s , 3, and $15s in Gizo fish market. Photo Jamaica Tanito.
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WHILE Honiara is scraping hard with fish prices in its central market, Gizo is reportedly enjoying ridiculously low prices for fish.

Heavy rains and bad weather is reportedly making fishermen spiking their prices high in Honiara, citing increasing operations costs and risks.

However, in Gizo prices continue normal despite the bad weather.

Sizes which attracts tens of dollars in Honiara are sold for $3 or $5 in Gizo. Big fish which are sold for hundreds of dollars in Honiara are priced at just $30 or so in Gizo.

A Mr Simon explains, “We normally do our selling for only cheap price and at the end we earn little profit out of our daily catch at the market.

“This is when we have good customers in the market, we maintain the same price.

“But normally since we experience a poor weather conditions in the past week, the prices for fish is still cheap and those who sell their fish continue on with the same price so we still maintain the same price for our customers.”

He said they don’t earn much profit, but little they earn is enough to help their family needs and wants including school fees for their children.

Simon adds that in Gizo the supply of fish surpasses the demand, or the number of customers.