Fini defends Malaita PAC visit on national government

OPMC and MPG-PAC Officials at the Prime Minister’s Office
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MALAITA provincial Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recent courtesy visit and dialogue with the national PAC is for the interest and benefit of Malaita province.

Chairman of the Malaita provincial PAC, Martin Fini made the statement in response to critics in social media by Malaitans and colleague MPAs.

He explained that the visit has two components; (1) to meet with the National Public Accounts Committee and (2) to meet and dialogue with line ministries and PMO.

Fini said the purpose of the visit is to learn from each other especially learning from the national PAC on similar role they play in the provincial level.

He said during their dialogue with the national PAC they learned a lot from them especially how they carried out scrutiny on the national budget which is useful for them to apply on the provincial budget.

Fini said the visits to line ministries resulted in fruitful discussions, as questions were raised and updates on national government’s development plans for Malaita province.

He stressed that the visit is to capacitate them with knowledge that will enhance them on the role they play to scrutinise the provincial budget for interest and benefit of Malaitans.

Fini also clarified that the visit has nothing to do with personnel gain for it was budgeted for under the 2021/2022 MPG budget.

Fini said in terms of legality of the visit, there are provisions provided for under the Standing Order that allows them to carry out courtesy visits.

He said nothing is covert about the visit as it is funded by MPG and soon after completing report on the visit, the report will be published and accessible to anyone.

Fini said as chairman of the provincial PAC who led the team, he welcome all critics because the visit was done not in the interest of his team, but the interest and benefit of Malaitans.