FAO set framework to battle social and ecological issues in SI


THE Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in its national and regional priorities are setting benchmark to battle social and ecological issues in Solomon Islands from 2018 to 2022.

Solomon Islands are facing vulnerabilities of social and ecological issues relating to climate change, food security and nutrition and Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) which described as burden to agriculture development.

However, the time has come with FAO are setting the scene to implement its programme in Solomon Islands which already started this year and runs to 2022.

In the long in terms of agricultural sector, it will benefit the farmers and country to minimize issues relevant to agriculture and health particularly the NCD crisis.

Mrs Rosemary Kafa from the FAO said according to the 2018—2022 PICs’ national and regional priorities one, its focus aimed at linking agriculture and health.

She said these are part of PICs national and regional priorities one to build social and ecological resilience to the impact of climate change, strengthen food security and nutrition and the NCD crisis.

“FAO aims to play a catalyst role in linking agriculture and health, strengthening inter-agency linkage and development partnerships to foster a sustainable increase in production, trade and marketing of domestic agriculture products, and healthy consumption of diverse, safe and nutritious food,” she adds.

Kafa said FAO assistance will be focused on three common areas of intervention which set as bench mark to achieve its overall priority area or outcome across the PICs document.

She said three areas of intervention are;

  1. Evidence-based recommendations developed and promoted to incentivize the production and consumption of safe and healthy food
  2. Sustainable and climate-smart practices promoted to help build resilient agriculture, fisheries and forestry production system
  3. Food control and business practices identified and promoted to facilitate efficient agri-food value chains that provide safe, nutritious and affordable food

Kafa revealed FAO’s framework to the Senior Extension Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock yesterday during their five-day conference which currently underway.

She also outlines there are new projects on the pipeline set for 2018—2020.

Meanwhile, the FAO’s assistance to Solomon Islands balances regional-level initiatives with demand-driven country-specific plans for 14 Pacific Island Countries.

Across the region, assistance is focused on: Improved policy plans and legislation; Enhancement of ecologically sustainable agricultural production, including forestry and fisheries.

Also to improved food quality and safety, improved production, processing and marketing of agricultural produce, Protection and sustainable use of biodiversity.

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