Ete calls for fast-track to state-govt system

Member of Parliament for East Honiara, Douglas Ete
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MEMBER of Parliament for East Honiara, Douglas Ete has urged the government to amend the Constitution to adopt the state system within two years rather than wait for 2026.

Ete stressed this during the Sine Die motion in Parliament yesterday, saying there is need to address the governance system to solve the critical problems facing the country.

He said the forefathers have tried in the past to amend the system to suit the needs of the people in the country.

As such, Ete said there is the need for the DCGA Government to look at the system and amend the Constitution to cater for the state government for the provinces that demand it.

Ete recalled that the idea of state government started after the country gained Independence in 1978 when Western Province pushed for it.

He said prior to 1996, the forefathers saw that the system needed to be amended and changed and decided to reform the Constitution.

“One thing they did not insert in the Constitution is the Education Commission.

“The Education Commission was inserted after Independence,” he said.

Ete said the forefathers went to Quebec in Canada and looked for a system like the Provincial Government system.

He said leaders at that time sensed the commotion between different islands and ethnicities after Independence.

“They came back and made the 1996 Provincial Government Act, to repeal the 1981 Provincial Government Act.

“But they did not consult with Guadalcanal and Rennell and Bellona Province,” he said.

Ete said the then Guadalcanal leaders met in a congress and took the government to court.

“The High Court threw out the 1996 Provincial Government Act but the Court of Appeal uphold the decision that Parliament has the power to make law.

“As such the leaders brought the 1997 Provincial Government Bill and passed it,” he said.

Ete said it is the system that the government needs to look at it because the flames at Chinatown pointed to government’s policy.

Island Sun understands Malaita, Temotu Province and Guadalcanal are now demanding for state government.