ESP committee urged to be gender balance

West Wainoni women
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THE West Wainoni Council of Women in East Makira of Makira Ulawa Province has requested the national government’s Economic Stimulus Package Committee to be gender balance when deciding who should get financial help under the COVID -19 pandemic.

The Treasurer of the West Wainoni Council of Women, Evalyn Kahia uttered the request when she and the Vice President, Prudence Katawea took delivery recently of a Laptop, a Printer, Dongle, accessories and stationeries from the Team Leader of the Rural Development Program, Annie Rafeasi in Kira Kira.

She said ESP assistance should be extended to help rural women who toil the soil to ascertain family survival and earnings to meet basic needs.

Kahia said the 2015 Household Income and Expenditure Survey Report indicated for the first time in Solomon Islands that communities in Makira and Guadalcanal are living under poverty line.

But she said the RDP assistance is part of West Wainoni Council of Women’s collective efforts towards alleviating poverty.

Meanwhile, Kahia said some achievements the West Wainoni Council of Women has attained so far are 17 boreholes have been drilled while 20 more are being drilled by Clean Water 4 Life Ministry, funded by Christians all over the World.

She said the Women’s Council has also been selling US-made Sawyer Water Filters, which means clean water is available to villagers in the area.

Kahia said the West Wainoni Council of Women has also received RDP funding towards “Vegetable Production (May)”, “Fruit Trees Production (June)”, “Food Nutrition (July)”, “Food Processing and Food Safety (August)”, and “Financial Literacy (Sept)”. – By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent