Equipment and money for Atoifi hospital


BE Happy Ministry in aid of Atoifi Hospital have received donated equipment and money from companies and members of Parliament recently.

BE Happy Ministry representative Mr Mambo Fangaria received the equipment on behalf of the hospital.

The money and the equipment were part of the direct response from appeals made by the Be Happy Ministry.

Speaking to the paper Fangaria said that whilst having the opportunity to thank all donators for the good heart they have in responding and for the donations, appeal still stands for those who have yet to give in their donations.

He said that the group have been appealing to 25 companies however, only few responded to the appeals.

To date he said that only one company donated a sum of $1000 with others; Telekom 1 umbrella/2mobiles, Sol Rice- 2 bags of rice, Origin gas- 1 cooking burner and Cheng Store $200.

In emphasising the importance of health, he said that health is everyone’s business.

“Often the services available depend on the needs of individuals, families and the community living in the area.

Most community health programme funding supports flexibility in the delivery of services, and enables develop models of care that meet the needs of their local communities.”

He said that Atoifi Hospital plays an important role to this nation.

“Atoifi has been gone through hard times, however, she still continues to be available in helping the sick.”

He added Be Happy Ministry has been supporting Atoifi Hospital in all aspects of healthcare for the past years in close collaboration providing support upon requests from them.

“The importance of this equipment and money is to fill a need where they can be utilised immediately in the hospital and as such would enable the Government to spend money on other items in need for the hospital,” he said.

He said that the equipment are currently with the Be Happy Ministry and will be handed over to Atoifi Hospital on a later date.

“All of the equipment is of the highest standard. The donations is required to meet Atoifi standards. Additionally, the usage rate of the equipment was minimal and as such is near new.”

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