EDITORIAL: Stop the speculation!

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THE death of a Chinese businesswoman in her Point Cruz shop on Tuesday morning was not only saddening, but also so disturbing.

Details of the incident are still sketchy.

But in all likeliness, she was killed when she went into her shop for another day of business.

The most fascinating aspect of this case was the timing of its committal.

According to police, this mother of two went to her shop after she dropped off her twin sons at school.

This may be around 8am or thereafter when people are commuting to work.

For sure, outside the shop at the White Angel Building, there must be people already out there.

There must be pedestrians walking on both directions of the nearby road.

Yet no one heard or knew of the killing inside the shop until the woman’s husband arrived later to seek help from nearby shops.

So this is a killing that took place in broad-daylight.

And no one heard any commotions until the body was found in a pool of blood.

The killing brings back memories of the Town Ground Easter murder four years ago, during which a Chinese couple was killed in their shop.

The couple’s security guard and an accomplice were now serving life-time sentences.

Police have committed resources to investigating the current case.

We hope the killer or killers are identified soon.

But for now, public speculations and assumptions must be discouraged.

Let the police investigate the matter. The culprits will be eventually identified.