EDITORIAL-Allegations that must be investigated

NEWS of Dr Deogratias Harorimana’s alleged fraud and deceitful dealings with a number of local business houses has gone viral on social media since last week.

Deo, as he was commonly known, is a Rwandan citizen. He is reported to be also a holder of Zimbabwean and United Kingdom passports.

In Honiara, Deo operates a consultancy company called AIPF (SI) Ltd, which among other offerings, facilitates loan applications for businesses that want to borrow money from the banks.

He’s been in this business since 2013.

But last week, a former top public servant and local economist, George Kosui went out on the media to launch a number of allegations against Deo and his local business partner.

Kosui claimed Deo has been deceitfully brokering huge loans for local clients with Bank South Pacific (BSP) that are beyond their capacity to repay.

This, Kosui added, has left many of Deo’s clients on the brink of losing their businesses.

Further allegations of tax evasion and visa breaches were highlighted on social media.

Kosui claimed he is doing this on behalf of local business houses who were “victims” of Deo’s dishonesty and deceitfulness.

On Wednesday, Kosui and his group had an audience with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) and its Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU).

Deo, in response, denied any wrongdoings.

He said Kosui and others leading the charge against him are trying to assist so-called “victims” avoid paying their dues to AIPF (SI) Ltd.

This is an interesting case and a serious one, too.

Perhaps the best way to deal with this matter is to take it to the courts.

Meaning Kosui and the “victims” will have to compile a report of the host of allegations they have and submit them to the right authorities for investigation.

Understandably, they are already in the process of doing that.

The authorities must therefore investigate and determine whether the allegations against Deo have any truths in them.

If there is, then the case must be referred to the courts.

Only then will we see truth and justice in this matter.

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