Doctor claims being threatened from PNG


Dr Jack Siwainao says he has received threats warning him against going to PNG to bring back his daughters.

He made this revelation to Island Sun:

“It’s not safe for me to go because the situation was exaggerated and out of context, I felt like I was blamed for the death of their mother.

“I don’t know how to described it but I am broken-hearted, really missed my children, I haven’t seen them for almost three years and so many people they asked on social media why did you not come physically to PNG and take back your daughters, where were you all this time.

“After the death of my wife, I did not go because she was already living with somebody else, it would be disrespectful if I appear there when there is somebody there, I feel I was not accepted, I feel the situation was exaggerated.

“Why I didn’t go was because of safety reasons, I lived in PNG for a long time, and I know what PNG is like, I received a threat from the immediate family of my late wife, my late wife’s first cousin and adopted brother says that my daughter’s uncles and their step dad’s brothers are waiting for me.

“If I go to PNG they are waiting to harm me. That was the reason why I did not go and I am not going to go, that’s the reason I made that call because I could not go there physically.

“My wife she was diagnosed with high blood pressure since in 2012.

“This year is tenth year of living with high blood pressure. When it gets up to 10 years you don’t control it with change of diet and lifestyle you developed complications.

“I think her death is the result of uncontrolled high blood pressure that affected her multiple system organs.

“From our conversations I felt like I was blamed for her death, non-communicable disease is the greatest killer in the Pacific because of the change of lifestyle and diet.

“I believe my wife is a victim of this. When she was here, I was very strict in her diet.”

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