Cross-road and Bloody ridge communities launch by-laws.


THE communities surrounding the Cross-road area and Blood ridge have launched their community by-laws yesterday.

Chief Wesley Tuita Ramo in an interview with Island Sun said the community is very grateful for the launching of the By-laws as it will help combat issues and crimes that occur within communities from Cross-road Henderson up to Blood ridge.

Mr Ramo said following the establishment of other community by-laws in other Honiara communities and how successful they are, they called a meeting with community members and decided on establishing six zones, each with their own committees.

Chief Wesley Tuita Ramo excited after successful launch of their community policy

He said it was a very challenging job to do as people in their community are not those who can easily understand things.

“It was hard to call everybody in the community to convince them setting up such community by-laws, because people want something out of what we are doing, they don’t worry about how peaceful and free community but all they want is money.

“So, with the support of the Police, Chief and Churches we are able to over come the challenges and here we are with excitement to launch our community by-law.

Part of the crowd attending launching of the Bloody Ridge Community Policing

“It is with tears of joy that we are successful, we cannot rely on the government to do something for us, but we ourselves can make change to our communities”, Ramo said.

He said they have drawn up 50 by-laws for the communities to abide and adhere to, and once anything arises in the community, appointed committees will deal with the issues and once the committees cannot deal with it, then it goes to the Church and then the Police.

Zone two community within Bloody Ridge providing entertainment

“Any outsiders wanting to sort issues that any member in our community create will consult our committee, before dealing with the person concerned.

“We do not want people to just come and directly ask any sort of compensation to our individual members, our process is that they have to come through our committees and it is us to approach our people under our care”, Ramo said.

Zone three group perform their item

Yesterday almost a thousand people gathered at Blood ridge community to witness the launching.

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