CRB continues to destroy unabated



GIZO RESIDENTS are repeating their call for authorities to step in and help with the cocnut rhinoceros beetle problem.

They say it is getting worse, and authorities are silent.

Speaking to the paper, concerned farmers report that huge numbers of their coconut trees have been killed off by the beetle, and more are following suit.

They relay their inability to fight the beetle because of lack of resources and know-how to effectively eradicate the pest.

However, they believe that all hopes now lie with the authorities, be it the national government, provincial government or NGOs.

“Responsible authorities should see how farmers and individuals struggle to control the deadly pest because the beetle is starting to kill our coconut trees.

“Who knows after all the coconut trees are gone, it will later transfer to eating up all Sago-Palm trees and then will be harder for people in the communities, the local farmers said.

“We want responsible authorities to quickly address the issue otherwise they will spread and spoil our coconut plantation,” the farmers told Island Sun Gizo on Thursday.

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