Consultation on Immigration Act 2021 conducted in Auki



THE Ministry of Commence, Industry, Labor and Immigration (MCILI) will wind-up a two days consultation on the review of the Immigration Act 2012 in Aukitoday.

The consultation is to seek people’s contributions toward reviewing and strengthening the regulatory framework of the act to enable better management of the country’s border system.

Speaking during the opening of the consultation yesterday, Director Acting for the Immigration Division under MCILI, Chris Akosawa stressed that the country’s security and prosperity depend heavily on robust border legislation and policies.

“Let us focus on this bill with magnifying lenses to support us in this 21st century through policies and legislations that will make globalization work for our economy since we are no longer living in isolation.

He said managing the country’s border well with legal frameworks is imperative to connecting to Pacific neighbor and the world to manage risks by protecting and safeguarding the country.

Akosawa said this is to ensure the country benefits from the flow of goods and people including skilled immigration which is essential to grow the country’s economy.

“Therefore, this immigration bill will enable better management of our border system.

“This is instrumental with investment needs in new technologies to improve our database, speed, surveillance and integrity of movement across our borders,” he said.

Akosawa also said that the national government is supporting national economic infrastructure projects in Malaita province like Suava Economic Growth Centre, Malu’u wharf and Bina Harbour Tuna processing Plant Projects.

“These development projects upon successful completion will boost and connect our domestic economy with decentralized immigration services.

“Our preparation with this immigration bill is important to provide well-managed migration policies that take care of the cohesion of our society, community and humanitarian issues.

“This will help to maximize economic and trade opportunity through our global bilateral and multi-lateral relationships,” he said.

Akosawa said national government through the bill is vigilant about security risks that will obstruct the border controls of the country.

“It (bill) will ensure that our borders are well-protected against transnational crime.

“Enable better movement of goods and people with regulations to safeguard human health, protects our environment and ensure the sustainability and productivity of investment opportunities, employment and our primary industries,” he said.

Akosawa said the outcome of this review workshop and others will advance the ministry further with the immigration bill to repeal current act 2012.

He said the current bill is a product of a review work conducted on the immigration 2012 act with the support of Pacific Immigration Development Community in 2018, 2021-2022.

Akosawa thanked the MARA government for the support behind the bill and participants for contributing towards the review of the bill.

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