Auki provincial town of Malaita.
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  • No official resignation from 9 MARA members yet
  • No instructions to swear-in newly appointed deputy premier
  • No statement from MARA on ‘crack’ in ranks



THE speaker for Malaita province says he is yet to receive any official instructions from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) to swear in the new deputy premier.

Ronnie Butala told Sun Auki he has already received a letter from Premier Daniel Suidani instructing him to facilitate a swearing-in for MPA Glen Waneta, the newly appointed deputy premier.

However, Butala says his office is answerable only to the Ministry of provincial government (MPGIS), thus will wait for any ‘confirmation’ from Minister Rolland Seleso before he can proceed.

Butala said this is the formality and his office cannot just carry-out the oath without advice and letter of appointment from the Minister of MPGIS.

“This is the formality and my office is just waiting for advice from the minister to carry-on the swearing in of Waneta.

“It must also be cleared that my office is only to facilitate the process and approval to that must be made from the minister.

“Because after facilitating the process (swearing-in), document must send back to minister for gazzetting as the appointment is made,” he explained.

Butala meanwhile, said his office has already prepared required documents for the swearing-in of Waneta.

Waneta was appointed as the new deputy premier following the sacking of the former, Randol Sifoni, by premier Daniel Suidani last week.

Meanwhile, Butala says his office has not received resignation letters from the nine executive members who are reportedly planning to leave the MARA government.

He explains that the process of resignation for an executive member is that the resignation letter be submitted to the deputy premier who will forward it to the provincial secretary (PS) and then to the minister of MPGIS.

Butala said his office will then be notified by the Minister of MPGIS.

He adds that other provincial offices such as the provincial clerk will also be notified by the MPGIS minister.

Butala said his office will work closely with the minister in such a situation and if advice is for election (if need be) then his office will facilitate the election process.

He confirmed his office is aware of the plan by some of the executive members to resign from the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government.

Attempts by Sun Auki to speak with the acting deputy premier on this issue was futile before this paper went to print last night.