Choviri community launch its by-law


CHOVIRI community in Central Honiara yesterday launch its community by-law that legally binding rules to build strong community against crime.

Among the guests witnessing the launching ceremony are Member of Parliament for Central Honiara Alfred Efona and Councillor for Vavae ward Billy Abae.

The by-law governs Choviri community to creating a peaceful community that promote respect, unity and prosperity for both residents and community visitors.

Speaking at the launching event Chair lady for Choviri community Anna Vota said the by-laws were based on Community rules formed by the committee in October 2016.

Cutting of the cake to mark the launch of the community by-law

She said formulating by-law in the community is not an easy task but that does not stop her committee commitment to successfully launched their by-law.

“The aim of our by-law is to create a community that promote respect, unity and prosperity to both residents and visitors of our community,” she said.

Vota said there are 27 rules set out in the by-law that will govern the community.

She advice the community members that there is nothing to fear regarding these by-laws unless they love to see or do wrong behaviours and practices.

She said the by-law is a guide for their community to do what is right and respectful and not to cause problem to another person, or most importantly to protect when they are victimized by another person.

“To my good people of Choviri, children and especially the youths, on behalf of our committee and the community taskforce, we acknowledge your cooperation and the fine contribution rendered to make our launching day a successful one.

“Please continue with the good spirit of working together as has been displayed over the years in our community despite the small challenges we encounter at times,” she said.

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