China’s approach a game changer, says Tovavaki

Counsellor Gong in middle, CDO of South Vella Mr Tovavaki far right and DS of MRD Hebala left having a discussion after the launching of the Coconut Crushing Mill
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THE Constituency Development Officer (CDO) of South Vella has described the project implementation approach of Peoples Republic of China as a “game changer” that would lead to tangible development in rural communities.

Lemech Tovavaki made the statement when officials from the Chinese Embassy and Government visited the Economic Growth Center, yesterday.

The visit coincided with the launch of South Vella Coconut Crushing Mill.

Tovavaki stressed that China has shown an important example of how projects should be implemented by establishing strategy from funding to monitoring and evaluation of project.

Coconut crushing equipment

He added the strategy is a game changer as constituency developments are subjected to proper regulatory system which can lead to tangible development.

“It is fitting for officials from the Chinese embassy in Honiara to visit projects funded under their contribution through the Constituency Development Fund.”

Tovavaki adds that such visit will determine whether the projects are progressing well or not.

Guests tour the Crushing Mill facilities after the opening

“We want to express our gratitude to the People’ Republic of China for core funding our economic growth center and also our Crushing Mill.

“Your visit today displays your determination and commitments towards our community social and economic development.

“Today, we launched the South Vella Crushing Mill, which is fully funded by CDF and I understand that People’s Republic of China have made major contributions to the CDF.

“CDF also plays major role in the development of our economic center and we thank you for your assistance,” he said.

Coconut ready to be milled

Tovavaki said Crushing Mill and Economic Center development project is part of the constituency’s social and economic development.

He said the project will add value to the existing services for people to generate income especially selling of coconuts and other products.

Tovavaki adds that the rehabilitation of Barakoma Airstrip will also bring benefits to the people of South Vella in terms of economic activities.

Prime Minister’s Policy Advisor in Productive Sector, Samson Viulu said South Vella is a huge contributor of coconut production in the country and it is fitting for the constituency to venture into coconut crushing mill.

He said the government is looking at improving the benefit of coconut product.

Viulu added South Vella is one among other constituencies that will be part of a pilot project looking at value adding to the product for greater benefits.

“Currently you are selling the crushed coconut meat to buyers, our plan is to assist you to also sell the coconut milk so as the crushed coconut powder which can be used for chicken or pig feeder,” he said.

Deputy Head teacher of Bilua School receives the gifts on behlaf of the students

Viulu said South Vella constituency has made an impressive effort to bring greater development to its communities.

He called on the people and leaders of South Vella to work in partnership with the government through their Member of Parliament and donors.

In her speech, Counsellor Rui Gong from the People’s Republic of China said China is keen to support income generating projects that would touch the lives of the people.

She said China is not here as spectator but as a true friend with lots to offer in terms of economic and social development.

“We want to be your friend and partner in any development that can lead to greater benefits for your people.

“As a new friend, we are still learning how to effectively procure, monitor and evaluate proposed development projects and I want to say that we are slowly getting there,” Gong said.

She said China is always ready to help the people of Solomon Islands in any way possible.