China lights up Seghe hospital

A Chinese Official with locals at Marovo
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CHINA’S funding support to Solomon Islands through the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) is making impact in rural Marovo in the Western Province following the successful installation and launching of a hybrid solar power system at the Seghe Rural Health Center (RHC) over the weekend.

This support now enables Seghe health workers to perform lifesaving delivery operations on pregnant mothers and other general medical operations at night after many years of working with lanterns or battery powered torchlights.

A joint delegation from the People’s Republic of China’s Embassy and the Government travelled to Seghe over the weekend to launch the Solar Hybrid system and other solar projects installed at a number of schools.

Member of Parliament for Marovo Constituency Chacha Bule Amoi spearheaded the project through the PRC assistance under the RCDF programme to fix the long time need of the Seghe Rural Health Center.

The funding included the re- wiring of the Center’s electrical system and the eventual supply of power by the Solomon Power Hybrid Solar system.

Amoi also financed other components of the Center’s refurbishment work through funding support from the RCDF programme.

Head Nurse at Seghe RHC, Oleander Haro was relieved with the lighting improvement, which will ease the burden of attending to patients, especially, pregnant mothers at night.

“Our mini operating theater is now functional with this power system and this is a huge relief for us to attend to patients at night,” she said.

Previously, the hospital’s operating theater was powered by a generator, which most times is unreliable.

“On behalf of the staff members of the center I thank the PRC for funding the power supply under its component of the RCDF,” Haro said.

China Embassy Counsellor Gong Rui said PRC is glad to support the project and that it appreciates Honorable Chacha for endorsing the request for assistance, which materializes in the connection of the power supply to the health center.

Counsellor Rui and other PRC officials also visited other RCDF- related- funded projects.

They visited Nazareth village and other schools to see the impact of solar lights, which were funded by PRC through the RCDF.

Counsellor Rui was impressed with the positive impacts of the projects on the lifes of the people.

Counsellor Rui’s recent visit to Western Province makes it the fifth time for any PRC officials.