WESTERN Province has deepened its relationship with China after it received 2,500 medical masks and other clothings in Honiara yesterday.

Premier David Gina took delivery of the gifts from Ambassador Li Ming.

“We will foster the friendship relations with Western province and provinces in China,” Ming said.

“Hhe Chinese embassy is now working on the sister-province relationship between Western province and Fujian province, a prosperous coastal province of China, which should be a showcase for our sub-national cooperation,” he added.

“We will support the pandemic response efforts by Western province.

“We understand the Western province is facing some challenges on that because of its geographical location.

“I am honoured to handover PPE to the people of Western province, including 2500 medical masks and other clothings.

“China honours its commitments and never pays lip service when it comes to mutual assistance.”

Ming said Western province is rich in forestry, fishery and other resources, China is the world’s second largest economy with huge middle-income population, and big market for the exports from Western province.

“Solomon Islands have already been granted ‘approved destination status’ for Chinese tourists, and Western province will certainly attract more visitors from China.

“The Chinese Embassy will encourage Chinese companies to participate in the infrastructure development of Western province.

“I hold a strong belief that the potential of our cooperation is huge, and the future of our cooperation is brilliant.

“I also look forward to opportunities to visiting Western province in the near future.”

Premier Gina said he was so grateful to get the gifts as part of the province’s preparedness and response to covid-19.

He added it is not a mistake to establish diplomatic relationship with China.

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