Chief claims Baegu council of chief hijacked for political purposes

A chief from Baegu welcome Suidani and team during their awareness talk at Urudao market.
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THE Baegu Council of Chief – an executive body representing all tribal houses of chiefs in the Baegu Asifoloa constituency Malaita province is said to be hijacked for political purposes.

A hijack not merely involving bribe, but also an establishment of a new council of chief to replace the former council of chief although their term is yet to lapse.

Reason for the move was for the new council of chiefs to rally support from other tribal chiefs and resource owners in Baegu Asifoloa behind Chinese investment in the constituency.

And importantly to amend signatories of the Baegu council of chiefs to an earlier resolution not to allow Chinese investment or development within Baegu.  

Last week this paper visited parts of the constituency, and the truth of what happened were revealed by a number of prominent leaders within the constituency.

At Urudao village, a chief who was a member of the outgoing executive said the newly formed Baegu Council of Chief is a forged executive based on political reasons and not on people’s interests.

The chief said the outgoing council of chief still remains the Baegu council chief, thereby labeling the new council as fake and any activity done by them deemed null and void.

He said on the day of electing the new council, a meeting was held and the council was elected and agreed to only by subordinators from tribes within Baegu.

He said most of the genuine chiefs who headed the tribes did not agree on the establishment of the new council.

The chief further said during the night before electing the new council, chiefs and people were given privilege to watch propaganda clips of China and other western countries.

He said the videos had portrayed advantages of China and disadvantages of western countries like USA, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand and others.

The chief said the day after; the chiefs amended the resolution with $50 allowances to only chiefs that signed the amendment and not those who refused to sign and others that also attended the meeting.

He said reason for amending the resolution is to do away with the earlier resolution agreed to by the Baegu Council of Chief.

The chief said the outgoing Baegu Council of Chief still remains the genuine executive council and not the new council which is only for political purpose and not agreed to by tribes in Baegu.

He said the Baegu Council of Chief is ready to take legal action against the newly established council of chief should they breach the resolution on Chinese investment in Baegu.

A chief from Ata area also raised similar concerns saying the newly formed Baegu Council of Chief doesn’t represent the interest of people within Baegu.

He said the Baegu council of chief which replaced by the new council of chief is still active and they are the right council of chief of Baegu/Asifoloa.

The chief called on leaders within the Baegu Asifoloa constituency who are behind the establishment of the new council of chief to respect the traditional governing body of Baegu.