CAUSE faces challenges on land access and covid-19


THE Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement Project (CAUSE) has faced challenges with land access and covid-19 to implement its projects in Honiara, Malaita and Western Province.

Project Manager Cris Afable confirmed this during questions and answers on the launch of its 10- minutes video on Covid-19 response and economic recovery at their office, Wednesday.

Afable said in component one which involved community access infrastructure, about 15-20 percent of projects faced of challenge of access, landownership and everything.

However, he said they have a robust social environment safeguard policy, where they able to reduce number of issues.

“We talk to landowners and eventually they would agree to do the work,” he said.

Furthermore, Afable said another challenge they faced was Covid-19.

“We have to follow protocol.

“When we doing the training, we want to enforce the vaccination card,” he said.

“In some areas in Honiara, Auki and Noro, the people were reluctant to do vaccination.

“We have to go to the communities and explain, because without vaccination we cannot do the training,” he added.

“If we do not get to employ the people, we cannot finish the work.

“During one and half years, we struggle against pandemic,” he added.

However, Afable said they were again somehow level up because of proactive stand they are doing with regards to vaccination requirements.

“It stuck a while for three months, then we find a way, luckily no infection, so we have to invest in PPE like masks.

“Pandemic made us a bit worry, if it continues on, it would have an impact on us,” he added.

Despite the challenges, Afable said they are now even with their targets, expenditures and timelines.

“We are right now on track and we are confident to finish the work before the end of the project in April 2024,” he added.

CAUSE is Government of Solomon Islands programe.

It is funded by the World Bank and the Australia Government Funding and PNG and Pacific Islands Umbrella Facility Grant.

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