Catholic teachers sodality’s opening mass

Rector of Don Bosco, New Principal of Bishop Epalle, Principal of St. Mary Tanagai, a retired Teacher and Education Sec cutting of cake.
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The Catholic Teachers Sodality for this year was held with powerful words of advice given by the church to the educators.

The event was held at the Holy Cross Cathedral on Sunday, along with a thanksgiving Mass.

Catholic Teachers Sodality is a structure under the Catholic Education Office that was established to animate teachers’ calling as educators.

The Mass was led by His Grace Bishop of Gizo Diocese Bishop Luciano Capeli FMA, co-celebrated with Rev Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP with a dynamic Liturgy led by the St Joseph National Catholic Secondary School Form-3 and teachers.

Bishop Capeli shared three bible readings. The first reading taken from the book of 2 Chr 36:14-16, 19-23, while the second reading taken from Eph 2:4-10 and the Gospel Reading from John 3:14-21

During the Homily, Capeli reflected upon the Gospel and the two readings.

He mentioned that the second reading spoke about grace, that there is no other way anyone can go back to God except through the grace of God.

He questioned the teachers and the families gathered during that Holy mass.

“What is the problem today?

“And told them that a lot of youths today are still confused when being asked what is their purpose in life.

“Every single person in this life has to have mission and vision.”

The word education is an English word that come from a Latin word “Educere”.

“Meaning to lead out,” he stressed.

“Therefore a teacher is not a teacher of subject but rather educate students with also values and morals.

“And as parents and teachers all have missions to educate a child with values and virtues so that they can become the person they were meant to be.”

He then encouraged the teachers to continue seeking God even though it seemed like every year is the same.

The Holy mass ended with commissioning of teachers sodality, where they stood in front of alter and the two bishops blessed them for another year of teaching and educating the children.

St Joseph Tenaru form 3 student and teacher led the liturgy

Apart from the thanksgiving Mass the teachers sodality also gathered at the Holy cross Cathedral Hall for a short Catholic teachers sodality meeting, new members registrations, welcome remarks from the Catholic Education Secretary followed by entertainments and a welcome feasting.

Catholic Education Secretary Ms Modesta Hasiau in her welcome remarks, acknowledged the two bishops for their graceful sermon and presence with all the teachers.

Hasiau welcomed both old and new members of the Catholic Teachers Sodality including Sunday school and Education teachers.

[Center R-L]His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP and Bishop of Gizo Diocese Bishop Luciano Capeli FMA with alter servers

“We were call to serve, inspire and to educate the young God given citizens with a holistic approach to produce quality and productive leaders for our country.

“This is third year of leity and the call to holiness, therefore, this theme requires us to evangelize in our classrooms.”

She further spoke of the theme for this year’s sodality, which is “Thy will be done”.

“The theme reflects the word of the Blessed Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus,” she said.

She told everyone to always reflect upon this theme daily before starting off their work.

Teachers Sodality commissioning from the two Bishops infront of the alter

Moreover, she acknowledged the school teachers and principals for all their help and support throughout the past years and encouraged them to continue living the Christian faith in their classrooms.

She concluded by thanking Archbishop Cardone for his full support in the education mission inside the archdiocese.

The gathering ended with feasting and entertainment from Bishop Epalle School, St Joseph Tenaru, St Vincent Burnscreek School and San Isidro Care Centre.