Cash box case today

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SENTENCING and mitigation submission on the case against a man convicted of stealing a cash box containing local and foreign currencies will likely be made today.

The case was listed before Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea.

This is the case of Ian Pias Walelabua who was convicted on the last occasion for stealing a cash box or safe box containing SBD300,000, AUD20,000 and 5000 British Pounds at a dwelling house, Henderson area.

Walelabua was convicted of one count of Burglary in relation to the incident which occurred on August 28, 2020.

Police alleged that he and another male entered the complainant’s house by climbing the wall, and removed the security camera.

The allegation said it was when they were inside the house, they removed a cash box that contained the amount of $300,000SBD, $20,000AUD and 5,000 Pounds.

It was also alleged that Walelabua before committing the offence called another employee, who also worked for the complainant to find out the couple’s movement on that night.

The phone conversations were made by the accused and his phone call was to check on the couple whether they were out of their residence.

Police also said Walelabua worked as an electronic officer for the complainant.