HCC takes action again


HONIARA City Council will crackdown on short bus route on Monday next week.

City mayor Eddie Siapu says measures were developed following concerns relating to short bus routes, irregular bus services, unregulated fares and poor bus conditions have expressed by residents and travelling public.

“The current taking Council of Honiara City is serious about addressing these concerns. My government is taking measures to address these concerns both in the immediate term, short term and long term,” Siapu says.

“Honiara City Council will crack down on short bus routes effective Monday January 2023.

“HCC will join forces with Traffic Department of the Royal Solomon Islands Police to monitor all buses serving routes in Honiara. HCC will revoke business license of any bus doing short routes,” the statement said.

HCC office adds by appealing to members of the public to report any public bus doing short routes.

In the short term, HCC is submitting a requested to the Road Transport Authority based in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

The submission will request the Road Transport Board to review and regulate bus fares, bus route and conditions of public buses in Honiara.

“Just to give ab example: HCC will request Road Transport Board to regulate that bus fares in Honiara is SBD5.00 for adults and SBD3.00 for students and children,” Mayor Siapu said.

In the long term, HCC has completed a survey on bus services in Honiara. HCC is now setting up a committee to conduct further consultations and studies into public bus service in Honiara. HCC is also looking at the viability of operating public bus services serving the main routes within Honiara City.

“The council is also enacting public bus service ordinance to regulate the industry within Honiara City. I appeal for understanding and patience from the general public in this matter as HCC continues to work on ensuring having proper regulated public bus service,” Siapu says.

He on the same note requests support and cooperation of bus operators to stop short bus routes and charging of excessive fares.

“If bus operators, do not listen to HCC, we will venture into operating bus service in Honiara and cancel all public bus licenses. So let us work together to provide a reliable, affordable, safe and viable public bus service on Honiara City,” Siapu says.

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