Bus driver’s case returns March 30


The case against a bus driver accused of causing death to a pedestrian has been adjourned for March 30.

This is for the crown and defence lawyers to decide whether the trial will proceed on April 5.

Yesterday a lawyer from the Public Solicitor’s Office who appeared on instructions from Allan Tinoni told the court that the lawyer in carriage have no issues to raise but seek to adjourn the case for the next 14 days.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea adjourned the case to March 30 for both counsels to appear and confirm whether trial will proceed on the dates previously agreed to; both counsels in carriage of the matter did not appear yesterday to give full instructions to the court regarding the case.

Diau Konge is being alleged in a hit and run incident at the Henderson area.

Prosecution said the deceased with his wife and their teenage boy were onboard a pick-up truck travelling from Honiara main market heading back home. The deceased is believed to have taken some alcohol before he and his family boarded the vehicle. On their way passing the Lungga Bridge East of Honiara, the deceased asked his wife to give him some money. His wife gave him $100.

Police said they stopped at the shops in the Lungga area and the deceased went into one of the shops and bought some goods before they drove out again heading in the easterly direction.

Police also said just opposite the Island Night Club in the Henderson area, the deceased asked the driver of the motor vehicle to stop.

As the driver was ready to stop the deceased suddenly jumped out of the truck, without looking for incoming vehicles from both lanes. It is believed that he ran straight into the main road, after one vehicle passed him from the westerly direction.

Police also said when the deceased crossed the road, a 15-seater mini bus was travelling at a high speed from the easterly direction and unfortunately hit the deceased and it is believed he died instantly.

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