Breakin Records Krew to launch songs soon


BREAKIN Records Krew, led by young talented Solomon Islands music sensational, Sean Rii (Richie Saeni) is planning to launch their six songs (known as Extended Play EP) soon.

EP contains around six songs but is less than an album, which is more than more than 10 songs.

The other members in the band are: Mi Santana (Albert Saeni), Jenieo (Alfred Junior Saeni), Sharzkii (Sharzy Saeni), De Plezza (Mathew), G. Cube (Sammy) and Keol (Michael).

Santana and Sean Rii have performed alongside famous Jarol Locals with Dezine in the past, which is a band consists of brothers and close friends.

While G. Cube used to play for Litol Rastas in the past.

Speaking to Island Sun in his small recording studio at Namaruka, White River yesterday, Sean Rii said they have already completed the six songs.

“We are ready to arrange, make profile and ready to launch them.

“We want to tell the people to get ready for these new six songs,” he said.

Sean Rii said these songs talk about life and blended with mix pidgin English.

“We will promote all the six songs through the musical platforms like Spotify, Itunes, youtube and others.

“We will also promote our music through Distrokid, which normally pays US dollars,” he said.

Sean Rii, who has followers of more than 100,000 people on his social media page, has used Distrokid to promote his three EPs in the past.

“I used Distrokid and received USD from it,” he said.

Sean Rii said music is no longer like in the past where you just recorded any song just for fun, without getting much money out of it.

He said it is important to make songs, get them promoted on musical digital platforms where they are protected, so that you can get some money from them.

Prior to coming to Honiara, Sean Rii and Jenieo have spent about two years in Papua New Guinea during the covid 19 lockdown.

After the lockdown, they toured Australia to perform in pubs to entertain the Pacific people living there.

Sean Rii and Jenieo are currently in Honiara and teaming up with Santana, Sharzkii, De Plazza, G. Cube and Keol.

They have made their presence felt already by performing infront of a sold-out crowd at Cowboys Grill on Friday 6th January.

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