Botanical garden murder trial continues in Court

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CONTINUATION of the Botanical Garden murder trial will continue tomorrow at the High Court.

This is the case against Ruben Jayrick Hitu, charged with one count of manslaughter in relation to the incident that occurred on July 25 2020.

Defendant Hitu is alleged to have involved in the murder of a 40-year-old man at the upper cliff near the Botanical Garden in west Honiara.

 The allegation states that on the morning of July 25, police were alerted that a Body has fallen from a cliff before the entrance gate to the Botanical Garden.

The police responded to the report and when they arrived at the scene, they discovered a body.

Police said information received states that the deceased and his girlfriend went up the cliff heading to the Botanical Garden prior to the incident.

It is alleged that while the deceased and his girlfriend were at the top of the cliff, two men appeared and attacked the deceased.

Prosecution alleged that the deceased and the partner referred to as J.M were having food at one of the sites on top of the hill when they were approached by two young men who questioned them whether they already had sex.

Police also said from reports received, the deceased said nothing happened and it was at that time that one of the accused allegedly grabbed the partner.

She however resisted and escaped to a distance from where they were at.

Prosecution also alleged that the man’s partner saw the two men allegedly assaulting the deceased with their fists and legs.

She then rushed down to where she and the deceased had met a group of people earlier, but no one was around, so she walked further down and met a man who was not part of the group, she begged him for help.

The partner returned and looked for the deceased but they were no-where to be seen.

The deceased body was however discovered on the ground beside the fence of a church building.

Office of the Director Public Prosecution appears for the crown.