Bonale pineapple factory project makes positive progress

Key partners engaged in advancing the development of the Bonale Pineapple Factory project in West Kwaio, Malaita Province are making steady progress regardless of the negative impacts of covid-19 on the Government’s financial position.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labor and Immigration is implementing the DCGA Flagship project in partnership with the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, the Malaita Provincial Government and the Bonale Land Trust Board.

A pre-feasibility report consolidated by the partner agencies have so far indicated the viability of the Project following the conclusion of a Geo-tech study, a business model, a food technology study including land use plan and water technical site studies have been successfully completed.

The other important components still to be completed are the environment impact study and the architectural drawing and BOQ to prepare for construction in 2022 while the terms of reference to engage a consultant for the architectural design and bill of quantity has been completed.

A proposal seeking support from the US SCALE project was also submitted through the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination to seek further support from the SCALE program.

Dialogue was recently made with the SCALE project consultants to seek support for the environment impact assessment study, factory design and construction in 2022.

The MCILI coordinating team is currently exploring other options including the Public Private Partnership approach to boost private sector technology and innovation in this development project.

“This would gradually increase levels of private sector participation with transfer of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to increase production and quality products that meet required standards in the domestic and international markets,” a statement from the MCILI said.

This project has a competitive advantage to advance infrastructure construction since Bonale land is customarily registered and free from dispute.

The projects business model would involve a cooperative society model that promotes entrepreneurship to boost industrial commercial estate development. It enhances innovation through infrastructure, value adding and downstream processing of raw materials into local pineapple products.

Pre-feasibility studies have indicated that the Bonale Pineapple Factory Project has the potential to promote healthier lifestyles and diets. It also has the potential to boost domestic and global demand for nutritious, organic and diverse superfood products processed from Ripley Queen and Smooth Cayenne local pineapple fruits.

The Solomon Islands national government commends the cooperation of the Malaita Provincial Government, the Bonale Land Trust Board and land owning groups, farmers, community leaders and citizens for their positive support towards the project.

The National Government is fully committed to the successful implementation and delivery of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment, national stability and wellbeing of the citizens.


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