Beware of thieves

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau
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THIEVES broke into three houses at Naha 3, East Honiara on the early hours of Monday 13th April and stole mobile, laptops and tablets worth around $10,465.

This happened after the two days curfew ended on Sunday 5am.

Police at Naha confirmed the thieves also stole medicines belong to a sick mother in one of the three houses.

The incident shocked the residents of Naha 3 who did not expect such theft to happen on three houses in the same morning.

Leaders of Naha 3 community warned residents to look after their properties at night following the incident.

Naha Police confirmed the victims have reported the incident and Criminal Investigation Officers are currently investigating it.

Acting Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau told a press conference last week that the rate of theft was not high or low but remains the same in the City.

Mangau said this was based on the reports police received on break-in from victims.

However, Island Sun understands the emerging of theft spiralled out of control when the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) affected the economy of the country, which saw many employees laid off in government and private sectors.

Thieves are taking advantage of the situation to rob residences as a way of surviving in the city.

Other suburbs in the City have also reported of theft incidences in the recent weeks as well.

Some residents said the rate of theft maybe low in the city but families are victims of it.