Bangladesh national faces Inquiry over alleged rape

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A Bangladesh national facing sexual offence charges has been set for long form preliminary inquiry on September 22.

Defence Lawyer Hubert Fugui elected a long form inquiry after the accused entered not guilty pleas to the charges.

Fugui said he wants to cross-examined the prosecution witnesses regarding the allegation against his client.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea then adjourned the case and issued directives for the prosecution to summon their witnesses for the inquiry on September 22.

The Bangladesh national has been accused of raping a 11-year-old girl at the Lungga area in east Honiara.

Police said the girl’s mother called in at Henderson Police Station and reported that her daughter was raped by a Bangladesh national in his bedroom weeks ago.

The mother said she only knew of the incident when she heard stories from other girls about what happened to her.

It was alleged the foreigner has been abusing the girl for sometimes, but the girl was afraid to tell anyone.

Myrella Cleven of the Office of the Director Public Prosecution is prosecuting.