Bail for man facing arson

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Court has released a man accused of arson on bail.

John Lesapa is alleged of burning down seven houses in Ghavagha village, Guadalcanal province.

Defence lawyer, Bobby Harunari, applied for bail in the previous occasion to which prosecution objected.

However, yesterday principal magistrate Fatimah Taeburi granted bail, but with strict conditions.

Taeburi also imposed a $500 cash bail to be paid to the court before the accused is released; also, the accused will reside with his sister-in-law at GPPOL 2 and must abide by all bail conditions imposed by the court.

Lesapa is alleged of burning down dwelling houses and kitchen houses of seven different complainants on April 5, 2021.

Taeburi said the Crown objected on the grounds that the accused resides at Ghavagha Village where other suspects also reside.

Therefore, there will be a risk of interference and also compensation has not been paid and the risk of retaliation by the complainants is high.

Taeburi said there will be no interference as Lesapa will not reside at his home village but will reside at GIPPOL 2; and, regarding the safety of the applicant, if there is anyone who faces a risk of retaliation, it is the applicant himself, as he himself is the better person to assess the risks and dangers involved if he is released on bail.