Authority to be set up to deal with traffic and public transport rates


THE Road Transport Board is working to set up an Authority to deal with traffic issues and rates of public transports in Honiara.

This came after residents in Honiara have complained of short bus routes and increase of fares set by public transport owners within Honiara city boundary and outside of it.

For example, it costs about $10 from Alligator Creek to Honiara Central market. And also, it takes two to three buses to travel from White River to Naha in East Honiara.

Ministry of Infrastructure Development permanent secretary and Chairman of RTB, Stephen Maesiola said only RTB has the power to arrest or charge traffic offenders.

Maesiola said the Regulation is still with Attorney General Chambers.

He said when RTB receives it, will delegate to Honiara City Council and Police Traffic.

Furthermore, Maesiola said RTB is working to come up with an Authority to settle increase of rates.

He said at the moment, the rates depend entirely on HCC.

RTC was established following the passage of the Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2009.

The amendment of the Traffic Act is purposely of ensuring that the functions and powers under that Act are well coordinated, administered and enforced to ensure safety on our roads.

The amendment allows for proper administration and better enforcement of our traffic laws, which will include on-the-spot fines, appointment of enforcement officer and undertaking of prosecutions in the Magistrates’ Courts by officers of the Board for minor


The RTB is responsible for carrying out the functions and powers under the Act for the registration and licensing of motor vehicles and licensing of drivers, including formulation of road transport policies for consideration by Government.

The Board will delegate its functions and powers to the Principal Licensing Officer, licensing officers, inspectors and examiners who are currently performing those functions and powers.

The Board itself will consist of a mix of Government representatives, RSIPF and key stakeholders including the Permanent Secretary of MID as the Chairperson, Clerk of the Honiara City Council (HCC), the Commissioner of Police (or the Commissioner’s nominee), the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government (or the PS’s nominee), the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce (or the PS’s nominee), the Chief Mechanical Engineer of MID, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce (SICCI) and a representative each from taxi and bus operators.

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